Baltimore Furniture Bank

Providing gently used furniture to those in need.

Our Mission

The Baltimore Furniture Bank collects gently used furniture from universities, businesses and members of the public to distribute to people in need. We are a non-profit that provide these crucial services free of charge for those we serve.

Support Our BKIND Campaign

The Baltimore Furniture Bank is initiating its BKIND (Baltimore Kids in Need of Desks) campaign to deliver free student desks and chairs to kids in need in Baltimore City.
We've started a GoFundMe campaign to support this initiative.
BKIND Campaign

Important Announcements

The Furniture Bank is moving our warehouse. In order to do that effectively, we must give away 250+ desks, bookshelves, and twin bed frames. Items will be first come first served.

We are excited to be in the middle of moving to our new permanent location. More details to be announced soon.

Serving Baltimore individuals and families in need.

How We Help

We connect gently used furniture from the community with those in need of furnishings free of charge. We maintain a collection of furniture and provide a hub to connect with those in need. 

Become involved. Join our cause.

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Contact Us

Baltimore Furniture Bank
c/o Fusion Partnerships

1601 Guilford Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21202

Please note that this is our mailing address, not a physical address.

Please email for inquiries